24 Days - 24 Chances of Change

This year on Christmas we want you to be a part of all our projects. We want to take you on a 24-day-Journey though our work. Every day you will have the opportunity to make something great, to make a change. We made a Advent Calender for you! Every day we will open a sac and tell you what is possible, thanks to your donation. You will be suprised how much great things you can do in 24 days and with 24 Euros.

This is how it goes:

1 --> Donate 24 Euro to our donation account
2 --> Be a part of when we open each day a sac - from the 1st of December till the 24th -You`ll discover along the journey which project you made possible with ONLY1 Euro!

Every day 1 Euro - 24 Days - 24 great things you can do.

Together with your friends and family you can also see the advent calender on our Facebook Site www.facebook.de/pendo.kenia

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Permaculture IT IS!

Welcome to our new project. Together with PRI Kenya (Permaculture Research Institute) and over 100 farmers from our organization we are planning a big change. To become more sutsainable and reach a higher biological value we are planning to change our farms to a permaculture design. This will impact the increase in harvest and our journey to strengthen independancy and poverty eradication.  Moreover it supports a deeper connection and understanding for the farmers to their environment and nature.

Visit this our wonderful project now on INDIEGOGO and help us to make a change!

Starting our first campaigns

Finally! Our two campaigns are online! We are ecxited where it will take us. We are thankfull for every supporter. You can also support us without danating. Just share our campaign, like us, tell your family and friends about it or write a comment on the campaign wall. This will help us spread the word. Thank you so much!

Support Indiegogo Campaign *Building a Washroom for our kenyan school*

Support Indiegogo Campaign *Joy for Pendo Kenya Kids*


Benefit Gala in the Netherlands

Pendo goes around the world, starting in the Netherlands. One of our wonderful supporters, Laura Saumweber, spread the word and organized a benefit Gala through her dance school in Arnhem. With a wonderful dance show she got the attention of the audience and she was also able to spread the message about Pendo. We are thankful for people who her telling the world about us. Thanks Laura for this opportunity!

KeNako Award 2014

In 2014, we participated in the KeNaKo Festival in Berlin and won our first Award! In two days we had time to present Pendo Kenia to a jury. At the final day we were able to convince the jurors and were honoured with the Award KeNaKo 2014. This is the first award in the Pendo-Kenia history, and this of course makes us very proud.


African Day´s in Berlin 2014

The African Events in Berlin offered visitors and interested parties the opportunity to learn about the  vibrancy of the African community in Berlin. In 2014, we participated in the open days and presented Pendo Kenia along with  many other African societies. Our children's program attracted many young guests.

Occupational Therapy Support

In Winter 2013 four aspiring occupational therapists traveled to our schools in Kenya. There, they worked with the children and teachers at a therapeutic level. Playful knowledge has been obtained and presented new educational games. The children provided their full attention and were inspired by the colourful and new craft ideas. A trip to the nearby butterfly farm and to the beach, the project week made for a truly memorable experience.