Pendo at the Lollapalooza Festival in Berlin - Visitors welcome!!

We are happy to be a part of "Der grüne Kiez" during the Lollapalooza Festival in Berlin. 

"The so called Green Neighborhood is a lively section of Lollapalooza Festival Berlin 2016 dedicated to sustainable, earth-friendly commerce and initiatives. It is a place for introducing and experiencing projects and solutions for designing a better society worth living in. Sustainability is an important guiding principle in our society, and it means more than ‘just’ protecting the environment – true sustainability also means taking the economy and social affairs into account. As an area dedicated to fun and the joy of living, Der Grüne Kiez is the perfect place to get this message across. Visitors to Der Grüne Kiez can learn about sustainable projects, innovations and ideas. This is a place for joining in, trying things out, and having a hand in shaping the future." Read more about it....

We are looking forward to find you there!