Our green project - Mahenzo aims to become the first sunstainable school in Kenya. From Green AGRIBUSINEsS, earth bag constructions and Permaculture, we want to build one of the first Eco-SChools!

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Mahenzo is a beauitful and welcoming school 20 minutes from the town of Watamu. 67 children currently attend the primary school which has about three classrooms at the moment. A total of 500 children are awaiting for a free place to join the school. A reason for us to extend the school and build 10 more classrooms to increase the number of children who can join. But how? The past taught us, that conventional construction methods are a financial challenge. The solution: Earth Bag Buildings & earth bricks! But thats not all. We have to think about the waste management, the health issues, the income for the communities to create a long term change, the washrooms & toilets and of course an economical water management. More than one reason to rethink the construcion plans and create a 100% sustainable school! The concept is done, the team is at the starting phase. We will soon present our detailed concept of the school on our website.

Why our project is unique:

  1. What makes our project ever so special are the earth bags which are beingused. Empty concrete bags are filled with soil and sand, which are then closed in order to create a “building block.” The school is then built bag by bag. With this way of building, we are able to save more than 50%compared to the usual construction costs.
  2. The methods, which are being used in subject to the construction of the school, should not be a one-off approach. During the construction works, we train apprentices, who are then be able to work for a construction company for sustainable construction methods.
  3. The classrooms, as well as the event hall, will be built in a round style. Studies show that round rooms can have a calming effect on the mental state and the soul. This is something, from which the students will benefit.
  4. The library is intended to stimulate the interest of every student. Next to standard educational books, there will also be novels and non-fiction books and other important topics. It is important for us to focus on character development, self-awareness, recognising opportunities, motivation, as well as the teaching of values. A number of significant African pioneers, such as Wangari Maathai shall serve as role models.
  5. The Mahenzo School will have ECO toilets. Excrements do not have to become waste, which then need to be removed from wastewater in a cumbersome way using pesticides. By utilising compost toilets, the nutrients contained within may be collected and used locally. This will put less pressure on the wastewater and is in line with natural lifecycle. The bathrooms will also have systems installed, which will allow for waste water to bedelivered to suitable points for further processing.
  6. There is a Permaculture farm next to the school. The simple design allowsa high yield of harvest without using pesticides and genetically modified seeds. The so-called “Food Forest” allows the growing of trees, fruit, vegetables and herbs in unison so that they can support each other.
  7. We operate Agribusiness. The harvest is used as supply for the school children. Further harvest, as well as seeds and young trees from the tree nursery can be used as a source of income for the community.
  8. The School will have a waste management Facility, which will not only be used for the school, but also for the entire community. Children and families can bring waste from their homes and dispose of it in the facility, therefore creating a cleaner and waste free community. Compost will be brought to the farm, and many other things can be recycled and sold. The stored waste will then be collected by the local recycle removal service on a regular basis.
  9. Rainwater is valuable and will be collected in large underground mass storage units. That would be used to support farming activities, the kitchen and the bathrooms. By using shredded Moringa seeds, water filtration can be prepared in an easy and efficient manner for consumption and bathing.
  10. The school’s position allows for obtaining energy from wind and sun. We intend to generate electricity, for the school and in doing so we seek partners to make this achievable.
  11. There will be regular workshops and training activities on health, environment, sustainability, community work, empowering & entrepreneurship in the Event Hall. That way we can ensure that knowledge is passed on and regenerated in order to create a path out of poverty.

Our aim is to not only provide education to disadvantaged children but to also offer a place of opportunities and perspective. At the same time, we want to bring people and nature closer together and support the community to find a way out of poverty into independency. We kindly ask you to support this special project! Donate any contribution and help us to realise our plan. Every donation is valuable and will help us achieve a greener future. 

We are very thankful for the strong support of our partners