The important thing is not where you are, but what you are doing where you are.


OUr Mission


Inspired by her father's social work in Kenya, Joy Rukundo, together with other members of the association, founded the Pendo Kenya e. V. in 2011.  

The core of our work is to create in cooperation with the communities places where the path to an independent & green future can be shaped. In doing so the main focus is on schools/learning locations that offer a space for education and social events and that not only for children, but also for young people and adults.

Several years of project experience in the Watamu/Malindi area have shown us how important it is to carry out holistic projects in which everyone finds his/ her place. Dealing with nature and its resources plays an outstanding role here. Our projects fit 100% to the people & their natural environment. Our inspirations come from all over the world, from pioneers who have already proven that man & nature can work together in the most extreme circumstances.

After numerous activities, our focus is now on a single project:

                                       Joy Rukundo, Founder Pendo Kenia e. V.

                                       Joy Rukundo, Founder Pendo Kenia e. V.

                                       Alan Rukundo, Director Pendo Kenia e. V. 

                                       Alan Rukundo, Director Pendo Kenia e. V. 

Our Impact

A lot has happened since 2011. Thanks to the help of many donors, supporters and volunteers, we have set up a lot of projects. Water pipes were installed, health care was provided, workshops were offered, further training opportunities were created, schools were renovated, classrooms were designed & during agricultural activities we really worked up a sweat.

In the beginning, the main focus was clearly on the children of the supervised schools. And it still is - however, it is important to us to include the complete environment of a child in order to achieve a lasting improvement in the social environment.

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