We want to make donating as simple as possible. Please choose from the following options. You can also simply donate through your bank. For this purpose,  our bank details follow below. 

Pendo Kenia e. V.
Bank: Stadtsparkasse München
Bank Account Number: 100 2323 119
Routing Number: 701 500 00
IBAN: DE20 7015 0000 1002 3231 19
Bank Adress: Sparkassenstr. 2, 80331 Munich/Germany


Would you like to receive a receipt for your donation? No problem. Just click on the option while submitting your donation or send us an email to with your details. 



We are currently running our project *Cotton of Kanani* on You might would like to choose this opportunity to leave a donation there.

Start your own fundraiser

On the following page you have the possibility to create your own fundraising page. No matter if it´s for your birthday, your wedding, a little challenge at work or from the goodness of your heart- there are thousands of reasons why to do good.


Spread the words

Help us grow and let more people find out about our projects. There is plenty to do and the more of us there are, the sooner we can make a difference in our schools and in the communities. Tell your friends, family and colleagues about us. Like us on Facebook or share our page. Be up to date and sign up for our newsletter. There is much to do. Both for us and for you. Thank you for any assistance.


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It would be a pleasure to welcome you as a member of our organisation. Please get in contact with us for more informations. 


We are delighted that you have decided to support us. All kinds of support reach us, the children and local communities.  Thank you Being a part of Pendo.